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ESapinosoF1 2002

NAME: Emmanuel Ernel C. Sapinoso


TOPIC: Blender F1 Challenge 2002

THEME: The Future of F1

TITLE: Formula 1 MagLev Prototype

CONCEPT: The return of the penguin-powered F1. This time, with Magnetic-Levetation technology!

RENDERER USED: Blender Creator 2.23 (Windows ME)

HARDWARE USED: Celeron 800, ZX chipset, 256MB, Geforce 2 MX400

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: I did this in about 7 days. It was very hard to come out with a new idea to top my previous entry. I hope this design exceeds my other F1 created last year.

DESCRIPTION OF HOW THIS IMAGE WAS CREATED: Heavy mesh editing, Subdivision-surfaces, Multiple scenes, Environment maps and Compositing within Blender.