Nathan Allworth

Nathan "Dittobox" Allworth created the Katana! Here is his story:
It is the year 2055, Dodge, after a successful run on the tomahawk for 25 years, decided to go all out and create an ultra light 3 wheeled wonder. They created this vehicle, the Katana. Small cameras mounted in the large arms extending over the front wheel allow the driver to see in front of the vehicle (you guessed it, the large wheel drives first). The driver's compartment is located in the blackish/blue portion about two-thirds the way back from the front of the vehicle. This drag-style version hasn't been designed to turn, it is lifted into place at the beginning of each round.
The vehicle is being lowered into position during the F1 cycle-down tournament (Formula 1, Drag Style) on a cold winter's day.

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