Thomas G image

Tunnel racing robots at mach plus speeds sounds like a real rowdy time! Thomas G, creator of this image describes: “ In 2525, an increasing rate of death among drivers (due to overly powerful machines) has forced the F1 community to rethink the race. In order to allow the 800+ Mph speed range, which is due to the deuterium reactor (green glow), the driver was substituted with a neurally-linked exo-skeleton. Furthermore, the track was forced to be enclosed in a new polyester to cope with (and protect the fans from) the extreme forces of the sonic booms which can be generated by the bikes. The enclosure also called for a new design, the aerodynamics have changed (by insertion of a new compound which prevents fires inside the tunnel) and it was discovered that very edgy and sharp corners were able to better slice through and virtually eliminating drag. On the same note, the modified air acts as a very efficient coolant, and is used to cool the reactor through the massive intakes and exhausted out the back. The reactor itself does not produce any sort of visible exhaust thereby not reducing the clarity of the race for the spectators. In order to Capture footage of the race, a new nano-frame cam was developed, able to take still images of objects with extremely high velocities. However, in the above picture, it is still too slow and creates a small amount of blur. Also, teams (restricted to 2 until 2187) has now been increased to 4 members. In the shot above, the "Dragon of the Wind" (in kanji) is leading the race while being followed by all four members of the dreaded all-star team.”

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